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Aaron Gilmartin (early show)

Wed 14 Nov

Aaron Gilmartin (early show)

Wednesday, November 14th 7:00AM

and The Possibles, The Clam Tostada (7PM/21+/FREE)
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Aaron gilmartin

The band is Danny Brito on drums, Eric Hines percussion, Thoger Lund on bass and Aaron on guitar and vocals. He writes songs that are a certain dirty kind of country rubbed between rock and Lain-folk influences. The songs sound like they come from far away and remind you of good friends. The lyrics are full of passionate hopes for insight.

Folks say his sound is somewhere between a certain dirty kind of country and flamenco. That’s the sound the band discovered playing and recording the songs in Tucson in 2011 when Aaron moved to Tucson from the road and NYC. This is the last show before a stint in LA for the winter working on a film score. The band will be out on the road in the spring and summer of 2013 and are now finishing a new album.

the possibles

Local musicians Cyril Barrett, Brian Green, Leila Lopez and Tom Moore make up the Possibles and play in the style of acoustic rock and roll.  All original music with natural melodies sung by Barrett and intriguing inclusive  harmonies performed by Green and Lopez.  Entertaining and thought provoking at the same time.

the clam tostada


It’s hard to say exactly what the Clam Tostada may sound like on any given night, but one thing is certain: a listener will be enveloped in funky basslines, eclectic rhythms, tasty melodies and cheeky lyrics.  The Clam is a genre mishmash and might be best described by the newly coine phrase, “rock-funk-bluesy-twany-folky-hip-hop-wah-chicka-wah-wah.