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Charlie Faye & Billy Sedlmayr

Sat 10 May

Charlie Faye & Billy Sedlmayr

Saturday, May 10th 7:00PM

(7pm, FREE, 21+)
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Instead of touring the traditional way, going from town to town night after night, Charlie Faye decided to live in 10 different cities over 10 months, putting together a band of local musicians in each place, playing shows, recording a new song, and getting to know the music community.  She made Tucson the first city on this “slow tour” and followed up her month here with stints in in Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, Boulder, CO, Shreveport, LA, Burlington, VT, Milwaukee, WI, Nashville, TN, Asheville, NC, and Woodstock, NY.

When asked why she would chose to tour in this unusual way, Charlie answers: “Ask any musician at the end of a tour, ‘How was Seattle? What was Chicago like? – and they’ll tell you: “I don’t know, man, we just loaded out of the van and played… and then got back in the van and kept driving.”

But Charlie didn’t want to just skim the surface. Instead of landing in a city, playing a show, and taking off the next day, Charlie spent a month actually getting to know the people and personality of each place she made her home.

The record made on this journey, Travels With Charlie, reached #7 on the Americana Radio Chart.  Charlie is currently working on a new record with Jay Bellerose, Jen Condos, Will Sexton, and Greg Leisz, due out this summer.


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Billy Sedlmayr has some stories he needs to tell, and that need to be heard. For over three decades now Billy Seldmayr has been deep in the fabric of Tucson music, from his early days as an underage musician playing dusty bars long since gone with punk rock pioneers The Pedestrians, then playing with Giant Sandworms, laying down the blueprint for Tucson music. Over the years Billy’s made music with local legends like Rainer, Howe Gelb, Dave Seeger, Rich Hopkins, Dan Stewart, Van Christian and many more, a founding member of a scene that produced bands like Naked Prey, Green On Red, Giant Sand and more.