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Cool Ghouls

Wed 3 May

Cool Ghouls

Wednesday, May 3rd 8:00PM

w/ Mute Swan and Casey Golden (Doors at 8pm, FREE, 21+)
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Cool GHouls

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Mute Swan

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Mute Swan plays guitar-heavy psych rock/shoegaze. Its members (Mike Barnett, Prabjit Virdee, Thom Sloane and Roger Reed) came together in Tucson, AZ in 2014. Barnett arrived in Arizona from Massachusetts and connected with Reed via Craigslist’s musician forum, forming psych rock band, Mombasa. Virdee and Sloane (originally from Phoenix) played together with indie rock band, Peaks. At some point Barnett filled in on drums for Peaks (despite being a guitarist) and Virdee filled in on synthesizer for Mombasa (despite being a bassist). MS was the inevitable merger of the two bands and their respective styles.
The first year of the project was spent finding their sound. They started by learning 4 cover songs selected by each member. (Reed brought a song by post rock band, Maserati; Sloane brought Unknown Mortal Orchestra; Barnett brought Black Moth Super Rainbow; Virdee brought the Black Angels.) This was partially to see how the members functioned as a group and to establish everyone’s musical taste and/or vision. The set of original songs that followed set the bar high for future work and resulted in the Feel How It Sees EP.
Continuing in on their voice they started drawing from 80’s dream pop and shoegaze bands, which resulted in their 2016 release, Ultraviolet.

Casey Golden

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Former guitarist/vocalist in Union Pacific and current drummer in The Night Collectors. In his solo project, Casey Golden remains in a state of becoming. Drawing on everything from the cinematic qualities of 1960’s Brazilian arrangements to loungy Indy rock rhythms to majestic Beach Boys-esque vocal harmonies, he attempts to construct a series on images, a jungle, a friendship, a dream, a body without organs.

His first album, “Luster”, is a culmination of bedroom recordings over a four year period spanning his mid high school years to sophomore year in college, focusing on the development of his voice along side his experimentation of ghostly textures and discordant harmonies.

Out January 2017, Casey Golden’s new S/T record offers a space to reflect, ponder, question, as you swim through a murky ocean just off of a Brazilian shoreline, where all the past lives go to tango and drink Tecate.