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Early *FREE* Show with The Globes and Seashell Radio!

Thu 9 Jun
Early *FREE* Show with The Globes and Seashell Radio!

Early *FREE* Show with The Globes and Seashell Radio!

Thursday, June 9th 7:30PM

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Hailing from Spokane, Washington, The Globes formed in their teenage years, spending afternoons in their sleepy city forging together their own musical inspirations to fabricate a singular and precocious sound based on the traditional guitar, bass, drum lineup. Carrying ambition and confidence in their creative potential to stay united post high school graduation, the band relocated to Seattle in 2007 to pursue their musical experiments. Somewhere between day jobs and school, The Globes managed to record an eponymous E.P. in early 2008 with engineer Jonathan Warman (Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band) in the dim and dusty basement of their little blue house. In the following year, the band spent fruitful time playing weekly shows in the Northwest and running up and down the West Coast, slowly catching the attention of humble audiences and local critics, while sharpening their own collective spirit.

After a time of travel, the Globes spent the fall of 2009 writing and recording new music with veteran producer John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Death Cab for Cutie, Unwound), resulting in the release of the sinter songs ep EP, a conglomeration of 4 moody songs based on the intricate rhythms and dynamics overlayed by noisy and textural guitar work.

Like hairs on a head, The Globes continue to grow in all directions. Look forward to it.

“…the band subtly contrasts loud and quiet, making for carefully crafted guitar rock that’s beautiful, but with a bang.” The Stranger

“The Globes, from Spokane, are way up there on the list of great acts that made their mark on the local indie-pop scene this year, meaning that Seattle’s next big thing may actually come from beyond the mountains…hints of darkness and discord… moody yet warm, deep and lovable. It’s the ideal kind of music to get attached to, not demanding attention but definitely meriting it.” Seattle Weekly

“Watching The Globes last night sealed my opinion of that band as a thing of budding greatness.” Reverb (Seattle Weekly music blog)

“…to limit The Globes into one concrete genre is a waste…however you want to classify their sound, it’s damn good, and very original.” What’s Up Magazine

“…They have this tricky interpretation of modern indie that’s catchy and interesting at the same time…infectious and wonderful.” thedonproject.com

“The Globes [are] full of unexpected ideas, none of which seem particularly trendy, but all of which are subtly thrilling in their own way.” Bennington Free Press

” It’s clear the Globes are one of Seattle’s most promising young bands. After their set, an observant stranger to my right remarked to me that “they were epic!” and I agree.” Three Imaginary Girls

“The simplest way to describe it would be controlled chaos […] Their set wasn’t memorable because of the dark tones or the atonal noises on their own, it was how the band tied everything together into a unique, progressive masterpiece.” oregonmusicnews.com

“We’ve been watching these gents grow for some time now, and a relentless work ethic is starting to set them apart. These guys always play like they would rather be doing nothing else.” soundonthesound.com..