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Electric Blankets w/ Tom Heavy and The Partymakers, Marvin and The Cloud Wall

Fri 1 Feb

Electric Blankets w/ Tom Heavy and The Partymakers, Marvin and The Cloud Wall

Friday, February 1st 9:00PM

(9PM, 21+, $5)
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Electric blankets

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Electric Blankets has become one of Tucson’s hardest working, most talented and funnest bands with their dancy blend of indie garage pop.  Their shows are always a party and they never disappoint!

tom heavy and the partymakers

It’s a super shreddy, heavy metal Tom Petty tribute band….done amazingly.  Fronted by Dave Mertz, Tom Heavy is a group of Tucson all-stars that just seriously love metal and old Tom Petty songs.  Breakdown.

marvin and the cloud wall

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Marvin and the Cloud Wall was born from a love of the softly harsh country of northern NY and VT, the streets and bridges of Brooklyn, the smells and sun of Tucson, the way southern time ignores itself entirely, the American literary lexicon, the never-ending highway, and an almost painful gravity towards sound impacting and color.

 Newly part of the Charisma Artist Agency’s roster of wonderful bands, Marvin and the Cloud Wall is the solo project of musician Joe Novelli, known for his genre-bending lap steel work with bands and artists from the world over (J DiMenna [Brooklyn], Saint Bernadette [CT], Howe Gelb [Tucson, AZ], Emily Arin [Philadelphia], Imani Coppola [Brooklyn], These United States [USA – various], The Gentlemen of Monster Island [Tucson, AZ], Nive Nielsen [Greenland], Jennie Lowe Stearns [Ithaca, NY], Gabriel Miller Phillips [Brooklyn], Gabriel Sullivan and the Taraf De Tucson [Tucson, AZ], Mary Lorson [Ithaca, NY], Kenneth O’Meara [Lubbock, TX], The Highgraders [Lubbock, TX], Red Shahhan [Lubbock, TX], Seashell Radio [Tucson, AZ] and many more).

 In this project a 1972 drum machine named Marvin joins Joe (and sometimes a drummer or two) to blend guttural slide blues, garage rock, indie americana, and cinematic layers into a rumpus both beautiful and brutal, depending on the whimsy of the listener.

 The new single and mini EP “Sweet Heartache” (released on Angry Mom Records) was recorded and produced by the brilliant Keith “Touch” Saunders (Touchsounds.com), with much appreciated help from great friends Imani Coppola (imanicoppola.net) on violin, and Chris Jacobs (thetrainyardteahouse.com) on the artwork, images, and all Joe’s tattoos.