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HOCO Fest Day 4 – The Finale

Sun 1 Sep

HOCO Fest Day 4 – The Finale

Sunday, September 1st 5:30PM

Featuring: The Frank & Woody Show, Chelsea Wolfe, & more! (5:30 pm, $15, 21+)
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The fourth night of Hoco closes the party in style with a nightlong Tucson music stage, a great indoor stage featuring some of our favorite local and national acts AND an awesome closing party. This year, too, we bring back the BBQ! So come early, stay late eat ‘Q and listen to some great music.


Frank And Woody Show


As is tradition at Hoco we celebrate bit of Tucson musical history,  this year we are proud to have The Frank and Woody show lead the outdoor Tucson stage.  No one will dispute that they were as popular and reliable an act during the heyday of the beer soaked, marijuana hazed, golden age of the renegade Tucson music scene. Country rock dominated the Tucson club scene some of Tucson’s most talented musicians and songwriters emerged from this, many garnering national attention. While Bob Meighan may have been the smoothest, Dusty Chaps the tightest, no one was more, raunchy than The Frank and Woody Show. And that’s saying  somethin’. For a taste listen to this not-for-the-kiddies video:

This is the first time in seven years for a performance from the Frank and Woody Show and Frank tells us they are rarin’ to go.

Chuck Wagon and The WhAtevers


Someone who might dispute that claim was the similarly popular Chuck Wagon and The Wheels. We love Chuck, and it would be hard to argue that any local musician has maintained such persistent joie de vivre, immaturity, what ever you want to call it. Here is a little background from Chuck’s own website—

Chuck Maultsby and Scott Bish formed the original CHUCK WAGON and the WHEELS in 1977 mostly as a joke. A self-titled record album was released in 1978 that recieved just enough attention to inspire a second LP in 1979 titled “COUNTRY SWINGS, DISCO SUCKS” that received international attention (really) which inspired three more albums, four singles and a half dozen compilation albums… not to mention the constant interstate touring. By 1984 the band began to disintegrate and by 1998, after keeping the ball rolling for 14 more years, Chuck sold the band name to a Nashville based band (not really believing that anyone would actually pay for such a silly name). The ‘new’ CHUCK WAGON and the WHEELS got a song charted in 2000 called “Beauty is in the Eyes of the Beer Holder” … so, there is, and will always be, some confusion regarding who the real CHUCK WAGON and the WHEELS really is… or was. Chuck and Scott, along with whoever and whatever, can still be found playing moldy old cliche country and rock (crock) bar toons for the drunken masses, and others, around L.A. (Lower Arizona).

Ned Sutton and The Rabbits


It’s an old fashioned hootenanny! Here’s a great video featuring Ned with ol’ pal Rainer.


billy sedlmayr

Besides the long awaited retun of the Frank and Woody Show, the most anticipated showcase today is that of the Billy Sedlmayr. We do not have enough digital bits to take you through the extraordinary path Billy has taken to get here, but whoa. What a story. And what a mind blowing return to front and center of the Tucson music universe. Start here with this video. Besides being a hell of a song, he knocks out his biography right there too… get here early, you will be absolutely blown away at how good Billy Sed and the remarkable GAbe Sullivan and crew have this sounding.


Lest we forget the free party outside after the Frank and Woody show, led by Tucson’s finest new super group The Fur Family. Check out this spiffy new video…





Watch / Listen

Of the list of artists we wanted to get when our Hoco wishlist was drawn up, Chelsea  was right at the top. Her performance here last summer was revelatory; an awesome, surprising rock show that had everyone buzzing about after. Giving her the Hoco Closing Party set seemed an appropriate way to close out this years festival.

How often nowadays do we read of an artist’s “intensity”, or their rhetorical, one-of-a-kind individuality? Journalistic hyperbole routinely contorts the mundane into the “epic”, the tired into the inspired, all the while heaping praise on performers as seemingly vacuous and generic as possible. Navigating the landscape of contemporary alternative music can be an exercise in redundancy; true visionaries and boundary-pushers are few and far between. Enter Chelsea Wolfe. To simply call Wolfe unique would be an understatement. Even among her peers in the so-called “drone-metal-art-folk” scene she’s an icon, a stand-alone singer/songwriter whose fully-formed aesthetic and haunting timelessness appear almost without effort.

Marrying the gentle intimacy of folk, the atmospheric voodoo of death rock, and the bleak, sullen nihilism of black metal, Wolfe’s sound effectively cast a genre all her own: a cavernous rumble, marked by stuttering drums, ethereal synths, and a wash of guitar, all very much in the service of one of the most hypnotic, celestial voices in modern music.

– Sonny Kay, 2013


th (4)

No less intense, but from the other end of the sonic spectrum Scout Niblett leads the early portion of the Club stage line-up with an intimate, minimal, but ever engaging showcase. Her songs will grab you by the throat.

Scout hasn’t been to Tucson in a while and we are proud to have her back for Hoco.