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Sat 31 Aug


Saturday, August 31st 5:00PM

5pm - Free on the Plaza and in the Hotel! Featuring: Art Mart, Desert Rock Revival, Jalph.net Launch Party, a dozen live bands, & more!
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The Big Hoco Free Day, So MUCH GOING ON! Things start early with a fantastic BBQ kickoff (and going late!) provided by the Cup Cafe.

ART-MART-LOGOArt Mart readies it’s 2nd installment with over thirty cool artisans, showing their wares on the plaza, all the while a DOZEN of best old and new acts performing throughout the night for FREE on the  two indoor and outdoor stages.

The Outside kicks off with the Desert Rock Revival featuring the Sand Rubies, Pistoleros, Dead Hot Workshop, Walter Salas-Humara and River Roses (acoustic set)  A version of this show was put together at the Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix last year and was a smash sellout. We’re trying to convince a few more of the old gang from Gin Blossoms and others to join, so expect surprises. The night only get starts there however, as Andrew Collberg, Austin TX’s The Preservation and Dry River Yacht Club round out the outdoor stage this night.

The Indoor stage will be used strictly for celebration purposes… Why you ask? The launch of a brand new music/nightlife blog, Jalph.net, created specifically for Tucsonans, by Tucsonans. The website finally comes to life August 31st after months of hard work by a handful of  local artists and music enthusiasts. This party will have live music by some of our favorite local acts: Dream Sick, Prom Body (FIRST SHOW w/ members of Sleep Like Trees, Womb Tomb, & Dream Sick), The Resonars (Burger Records), & Lace Curtains (Austin, TX / Michael Coomer of Harlem). There will be vendors, giveaways, balloons, and maybe even a cake? Come see for yourself!

outdoor stage:

Chris Holiman & GenE Ruley



We start things off early with a neat performance featuring Chris Holiman and Gene Ruley of the legendary River Roses.  Among the  80’s Tucson garage scene, the Roses had arguably the most consistent, and fervent following. And it’s now wonder – great songs by Chris Holiman and Caitlin Von Schmidt and shockingly good guitar playing form Gene Ruley was an irresistible match. Chis and Gene will knock out a few number for you tonight to remind you of the those halcyon days of Ronald Reagan and Camper Van Beethoven.  Sebastian the cat will not be joining the festivities. May he rest in peace.



The evening starts with Walter Salas-Humara who technically qualifies because he has been living in Flagstaff for a short time, but who sonically is a perfect fit. His band The Silos were named “Best New Band” by Rolling Stone a pile of years ago, based on the one the greatest records of all time Cuba. As the songwriter of the Silo’s,  or as a  solo performer his material has never wavered in quality over the years. Whether on a major label as a rock star or in the art studio with his famous Dog paintings, he always turns out something interesting. His performance here at Hocofest a few years back caught many people by surprise. It was raw, rocking and powerful. We look forward to his return. Check out this great track, recorded on the David Letterman show.


dead hot workshop

The beating heart of the early Tempe scene, Dead Hot Workshop makes their first appearance in Tucson in many years. Judging by the performance they had a t last year’s Desert Rock Revival, there is no doubt they are playing at their peak again. Despite usual two guitars, bass and drums configuration  DHW has their always had their own sound and unique songwriting based around front man Brent Babb. Either way, they rock.


sand rubies

 As  Tucson’s very definition of ” Desert Rock”, The Sidewinders/Sand Rubies  has a long and checkered history that has seen the highs and lows of the music industry. You probably know the story. One thing you might not know is that Walter Salas-Humara’s Silos and the Sidewinders  were signed virtually at the same time to RCA with critically acclaimed records. Considering everything, we should be grateful they are both still with us to share the music.  Desert Rockers 2  -Music Industry 0.  Check out this great video back when the band was at the height of their power.



If any act deserved to follow  Gin Blossoms into super stardom from the Tempe scene, the  Pistoleros make a persuasive case.  Born of the same dusty pop influences and predating Calexico’s use of the regional horn sound by several years,  The Pistoleros crafted many great songs, perfectly suited to romp on the radio.  Proove it? Check out the song below. Can’t wait to see these guys again, finally in Tucson, closing out the Desert Rock Revival portion of the night



Local pop artiste, Andrew Collberg  kicks off the 2nd half of the night , with some of the most engaging songwriting coming out of the Old Pueblo you’ll hear.



Austin TX’s, The Preservation is a blend of vocal harmonies, driving guitars, bouncy pianos and an amalgam of American music that has come to define Austin bands in the past decade. With a repertoire that is clearly influenced by early 60′s girl groups and chamber pop as well as the psych and garage rock from that era, the band also focuses on composition and songwriting that creates a modern sound. The band has released two LPs since their formation in 2009. They are terrific live, and worth sticking arounf for.


dry river yacht club

Our midnight closing act is one of our favorites (and another act from Phoenix, go figure!)  Ever evolving, the band’s categorically elusive gypsy-western-folk designation seems  constricting as the intensity of the songs takes on a harder-hitting swagger. So much is going on it’s hard to pin point quite where they are going to take you, yet  after midnight, with an adult beverage or two under your belt, you may not care.

Indoor Stage:

Dream Sick

dream sick

One of Tucson’s most active indie outfits returns from a short summer break to open up the Jalph.net launch party. After releasing their 2nd full length this past spring, these guys are hard at work on yet another release that will be out sometime in late 2013, putting the group at 3 releases in 3 years as a band. Jess Matsen leads the group with his unique style of songwriting, falling somewhere along the lines of psychedelic shoegaze, pop-folk… Doesn’t make much sense? This why you should probably listen to the track below.

prom body

prom body

Prom Body is the new project from Tucson’s very own Michael Fay (Sleep Like Trees, Pollution Salute). His first release, “Creep the Strange” is loaded with lo-fi hits, recorded in early 2013 by Mike himself on a 4 track in his bedroom. Since the release, Mike has formed a live band with members of Sleep Like Trees, Womb Tomb, & Dream Sick. Rumor has it that the songs really come to life with a band, and we are more than excited to be hosting their first ever live performance.

the resonars

the resonars

The Resonars is the solo project of Matt Rendon, out of Tucson, Arizona. While The Resonars are a contemporary band, the style and recording of their music is uncannily reminiscent of the early to mid 60’s, blending psychedelic pop and garage with harmonies worthy of comparisons to the likes of the Beach Boys, Raspberries, Big Star, etc… This Burger Records band is one of, if not the best band in town, so do not miss your chance to see them for FREE.


lace curtains

Lace Curtains is the brainchild of Tucson’s Michael Coomer. Michael is best known for his part in the Austin garage band, Harlem, which generated plenty of buzz in their time as a band for their live show as well as their two releases on Matador Records, Free Drugs ; -) (2009) & Hippies (2010). After Harlem began their indefinite hiatus, Coomer started directing his efforts towards Lace Curtains. He released his first album, The Garden of Joy and the Well of Loneliness in 2012 and is now back in Tucson to record his sophomore effort. We are happy to have him back, and we cannot wait to hear the new material he’s been working on. Check out the hit from his last record below.