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K-Bass and Farafina Musiki

Sat 29 Apr

K-Bass and Farafina Musiki

Saturday, April 29th 7:00PM

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k-bass and farafina musiki

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A world famous runner and a dynamic Afro-Pop/Reggae vocalist and song writer Bassirima Soro, better known as K-Bass, electrifies audiences with his high-energy, upbeat music in three languages.

Fluent in English, French and his native language, Bambara, K-Bass was born in Côte d’Ivoire (The Ivory Coast), Africa to a deeply loving family of musicians. K-Bass’s late father, a traditional medicine man, singer and Ngoni (a string instrument originating in West Africa) player and his mother, a singer and dancer, were both descended from families in which music is the center of everything. Through music and dance they celebrate birth and death, comfort the living, resolve conflicts and share their knowledge and Love. They instilled their great passion for music in K-Bass as a young boy.

Despite severe economic hardships, K-Bass obtained a hard won education and became a world class cross country and marathon runner, earning celebrity status in his native country and surrounding regions. Nonetheless, seeing that opportunities were limited in his native country, K-Bass moved to the United States despite knowing no English. Needing to make ends meet, K-Bass learned English and continued to compete as a runner, while earning a nursing degree. For years, K-Bass continued to win important races earning the name, “The Barefoot Runner” and continued to pursue, his first love, music.

After moving to Tucson, Arizona, and winning the prestigious Tucson Marathon 6 times, barefoot, (for which he was written up in Sports Illustrated and numerous other sports magazines and blogs) K-Bass became the lead singer of the southern Arizona African mix band, “The Key Ingredients of African Soul” and was a guest artist with a number of other African style bands.

K-Bass’ solo career has exploded with the launch of three solo albums: “Too Much Negativity”, released in 2009, “La Liberté” in 2011 and K-Bass and Farafina Musiki’s Latest album Faso. K-Bass’s music has won great critical acclaim.  K-Bass and his amazing band, K-Bass and Farafina Musiki, is continuing to wow audiences  with their incredible stage charisma and K-Bass’ innovative blend of Afro-pop, Reggae and several traditional African styles.


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Spirit Familia has a Truly Fresh sound in Today’s music scene. With Latin / Salsa ( as the foundation ), Soul, and Island, melody’s and rhythms, in the mix. an exotic dance atmosphere is created. With a musical and lyrical orientation created to help people feel good about All Of Life, Spirit Familia is here to be a co-creator of a healed and happy world, along with other like minded individuals, groups, and organizations.

Spirit Familia as a Vision was born in the Valleys, Waterfalls, and Coconut trees of the Big Island of Hawaii. where Jomo lived for 17 years. Nurtured also by the Crashing Waves, and Volcanic Eruptions, The Vision first took form as Spirit Ohana ( Hawaiian for Spirit Family ) in the mid 90’s. playing Soul and Island / Reggae. While raised in a family where music was all around, it was various world events, which inspired him devote his life to Helping to to co- create a truly beautiful world through music. “Healthy Music has the power to Truly Heal and and reaffirm the Divine Dignity of All Of Life” says Jomo. While enjoying the benefits of having a promotional contract with Mat Young Enterprise ( a major recording and booking agency in Waikiki, Hawaii, Jomo realized something was missing. The missing ingredient was the Latin / Salsa.

While in Prayer one evening in Hilo Hawaii, The “Quiet Voice” which guides my life, told me to come to Tucson, Arizona. I had never been there or knew anyone who lived there, so it did not make any sense to leave Hawaii and come to the desert; yet I came anyway. I love it here. Now I know part of the reason for the call. The Music. Now living in Tucson, and the name changed to Spirit Familia ( Latin for Family ), the addition of the Latin / Salsa to the Soul and Island genres, created a truly exotic mix. Major influences for Spirit Familia include: Tito Puente, Marc Anthony, Gloria Estefan, Carlos Santana, Motown, James Brown, and the island music of Marley and Belefonte.