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Ladytowne Live with the Tucson Saddletramps

Wed 11 Jul

Ladytowne Live with the Tucson Saddletramps

Wednesday, July 11th 8:00PM

w/ The Surfbroads & more! (8pm, $3, 21+)
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Dine & Save

Strap on your helmets, kids! It’s gonna be a wild ride this month in Ladytowne !! What can you expect should you choose to spend your evening with a bunch of roller derby athletes & yours truly?!

~Opening comedy set by local funny person Autumn Horvat
~Music journalist/ rocker/ radio DJ Julie Jennings Patterson
~Steena Salido & Mo Urban talking about C*nts Being C*nts Talking About C*nts Comedy Show!
~Lano will give us the scoop about Chick Magnet
~We’ll learn more about the Nomad Kitchen from Liz Duncan (https://www.thenomadkitchen.net/)
~Live music provided by local bad-asses The Surfbroads !!

The Tucson Saddletramps, the all-star travel team of Tucson Roller Derby, is currently ranked 40th out of 340+ member leagues from around the world. Find out more about them! Chat with your fav skater! Buy merch! Donate funds so that the Tramps can compete in playoffs in AUGUST & learn about the exceedingly rad world of flat track roller derby! Get inspired by these bad-asses!