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Sat 13 Sep


Saturday, September 13th 7:00PM

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RATATAT is playing Club Congress! Feel the guitars shredding your soul and the beats and synths shaking dat ass. Yes, it’s a Saturday and yes, that is awesome. This might just be the most intimate venue they will play on this tour. Tickets on sale!


get ’em early, yo!


…from a 2006 The FADER interview with the guys:

What have you been doing during live shows?
Mike: Usually people are dancing. Sometimes its hippy dancing, spinning and such. They always want to smoke weed with us, that’s their biggest request.

Evan: It’s weird who’s at our shows. It changes. Sometimes there are a lot of real jock-y guys up front, ball caps and big muscle-y dudes. It’s like what are you doing here?

Mike: And they’re drunk.

Evan: I think they get into the guitar solos. At some shows there are like people dancing on tables and shit. We played a lot of Vermont colleges and, yeah, they go crazy. But a lot of people just stand there, too.

Whether you shake your babymaker or bloom on the wall like a champion flower, this is not a show to miss!


Mira this video from the boys for “Mirando:”



This event is 18+

Limited tickets for 18+, be sure to get those early.