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Resonars, Logan Greene, Discos FREE SHOW!!

Wed 20 Feb

Resonars, Logan Greene, Discos FREE SHOW!!

Wednesday, February 20th 8:00PM

(21+, 8PM, FREE!!)
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The Resonars are essentially multi-instrumentalist Matt Rendon, although that wasn’t always the case. Rendon had originally planned to use the name in a comic book about a folk rock band from the sixties who get lost in the nineties. The group’s name, however, was a tribute to a real Tucson, Arizona band of the same name that had featured his older brother, Rick Rendon. While the idea for the comic book about the Resonars didn’t quite pan out, the band did. In 1991, rhythm guitarist Rendon was joined by Mario Cordova on bass, Dustin “OJ” Moyer on drums, and Eric Royer on lead guitar. This group recorded a four-song tape in 1992 (released two years later), but broke up in 1993. Rendon moved to Sudus Point, NY briefly, before returning to Tucson in early 1994. He reformed the Resonars again, with Forest Dunn on bass. In 1995, they recorded Tripping In Your Coffin, a full-length cassette-only release. In 1996, Rendon released several homemade recordings, including one as the Kilgore Trouts. This lineup of the Resonars called it a day in late 1996; Royer moved to Boston, and Dunn moved to Prescott, Arizona. In 1997, Rendon gave it another shot, along with former bassist Cordova and drummer Moyer, but they were unable to find a suitable lead singer, and decided to disband again in late 1997. Rendon continued to use the band’s name, however, and in 1998, the first Resonars album was released (LP-only) on the Tucson-based Star Time Records (not to be confused with StarTime International Records of Brooklyn). The album featured Rendon four-tracked on all instruments and vocals; the other band members listed were names he’d planned to use on his comic book years earlier. Rendon’s second Resonars album, Bright And Dark, was issued by Get Hip in 1999. Rendon had always intended to form a new band to play live shows, but never quite did, and eventually retired the Resonars moniker in October 2000. He also continued playing shows with Al Perry and the Cattle. After moving to Seattle, Washington, Rendon joined the Vultures (playing the drums as “Mickey Finch”). In 2001, Rendon returned to Tucson and joined the Knockout Pills, a garage-punk band featuring members of the Weird Lovemakers and Los Federales. In 2002, he resurrected the Resonars name for a new release on Get Hip, called Lunar Kit, which features both sides of the 2000-released “Floor Lamp Eyes” b/w “She’s In Love With Her” (Star Time Records) 7-inch.





One journalist described their sound as keyboard and percussion dominated rock whilst another writer described them as a guitar and vocal dominated band. Take your pick because neither one is correct. There are four Discos and each of them contribute equally to the mix, none of them dominantly.If you regard yourself an aesthete and a cultivator of taste, you would be remiss to not consider Discos and their fine, upstanding musical offerings. On the other hand, if you are just some ordinary dip shit, you may find something appealing about Discos anyway, from their angelic three part harmonies and accessible melodies, to their hypnotic space drones, their cryptic yet compelling lyrics and their f**k-friendly beats.

Give Discos a shot…or don’t.

logan greene electric




Logan Greene Electric was formed in 2012 by Logan Greene, Ray Borboa and Robert Sidwell. They play straightforward powerpop in the tradition of bands like Badfinger, Squeeze and Weezer. In 2012, they recorded at Eric Valentine’s Barefoot Recording Studio (Third Eye Blind, Smashmouth) and toured the southwest. Their debut album is set for late 2013 on Diet Pop Records.

Robert Sidwell of LGE was also a contestant on the Price Is Right. There are pics.

“Logan Greene Electric plays a genre of music that feels a little foreign to someone whose ears have been shaped in downtown Phoenix, but that’s definitely a good thing. The band is unapologetic power pop. No shifts to hardcore punk halfway through the set, no psychedelic instrumental breaks, just a power trio playing power pop. That said, Logan Greene Electric is the product of musicians with real musical talent – not only was their set technically clean, it showcased very impressive solos and riffs for the power pop genre.”
-METROnome music blog