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The Underwear Party III

Sat 19 Jul
underwear party

The Underwear Party III

Saturday, July 19th 9:00PM

(9pm - $5 - 21+)


1200 people of all shapes and sizes showed up last summer to cast their clothes off and party as Bacchus intended… THIS YEAR WILL BE EVEN BIGGER.

Over a thousand people in their underwear not enough for you?! WHAT?!! Well how about these great BONUSES!!!

* Live performances by B4skin
* An Ancient Roman Photo Booth with a professional photographer
* The Human Terrarium
* Free Clothing Check So You Can Show Up Clothed
* Indoor and Outdoor Dance Floors with multiple Djs including:
* Satyr Entertainment, Bob Felix, Sid The Kid & Jalph
* Only $5 gets you in!!!