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Wham City Comedy

Thu 13 Apr

Wham City Comedy

Thursday, April 13th 7:00PM

w/ Cricket Arrison & The Kevin Dowling Fitness Hour (7pm, Free, 21+)
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Wham City Comedy

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Wham City is a comedy & video collective based in Baltimore known for their bizarre viral videos and absurdist presentational performances. We have created a series of infomercials for Adult Swim including Unedited Footage of a Bear, Live Forever As You Are Now W/ Alan Resnick, Commencement Speech, and most recently This House Has People In It.

We tour once a year so please come and see us because we are doing very, very badly. We are slowly being crushed beneath a behemoth of responsibilities that we can’t even barely comprehend, while our mental and emotional stability hangs by a thread all so that we can “fulfill our dreams”–we dont even have dreams anymore because we don’t sleep, we just lay awake at night thinking about email. We just thought it would be better than this. We thought comedy would save us, but oh god we fucked up so so bad. We suck and we hate ourselves. Please please please give us money–WE ARE DYING.

“Then and now, their shows are a mix of standup, bizarre improv, and carefully scripted skits, punctuated with bits of digital video…every performance is different and every performance has a zeitgeisty energy.”– Baltimore Magazine

“Comedy for the surveillance and voyeuristic social media age”– The Creators Project