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Fri 20 Jul


Friday, July 20th 7:00PM

w/ Salvador Duran (DOORS AT 7PM, $12/$15, 21+)
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It’s really impossible to call one act “the best band in town”  -there are so many competing ideas of what that means –  but XIXA is arguably the most popular act in town right now, and rightfully so. Featuring the formidable power of the twin front men, Gabriel Sullivan and Brian Lopez,  the-band-formerly-known-as-Chicha-Dust has sculpted a unique blend of cumbia, rock, desert crusted songcraft and cool covers, that has proven to be an irresistible combination.  AND THEY PUT ON AN AMAZING SHOW. We are pleased to have them back here at Club Congress, while we still can house them inside our modest confines. This a will be a big one -get your tickets early -sell out expected. Another artist on a fast track to success  is the talented Karima Walker  who will be opening the show.