Foxx Bodies

February 24, 2019 7:00 pm

Our beloved Foxx Bodies return to us February 24th alongside Rough Draft, Feverfew, & Lucille Petty!

About this Event

Foxx Bodies is a punk band that crawled out from the dusty desert lands of Tucson, Arizona and found themselves in Los Angeles, California in early 2017. In various write-ups, they have been coined as a “Riot Grrrl” band. This is understandable given the raw lyrics focused on sexual and political issues paired with the smashing of symbols and the distortion that blares from the stringed instruments. Having grown their roots in the southwest, Foxx Bodies hides undertones of Loretta Lynn style 1960’s country music within many of their songs as well. This leaves many people unable to confidently label the band’s genre. Which they love.

The most talked about aspect of this group is their live performance. If you couldn’t manage to feel the calamity and liberation from the recorded album, it is ensured that you will if you’re in the same room while their music storms the vicinity. Not only is the sheer sound of the music urgent, clever, and driven, but it feels as if you are watching a performance art piece. Foxx Bodies is trying to say something different- something new, and they will look you straight in the eye while they do it.

The performance art aspect of Foxx Bodies is strengthened even more by the clear DIY path that the group takes. They pride themselves on the self-sustaining quality of their art as a whole. The album artwork was hand drawn by the drummer, Adam Bucholz, as well as three of the shirt designs. One of the shirts was designed by the bassist, Matthew Vanek, and he makes all of the pins that are sold. The lathes we have sold were cut by the guitarist, Bailey Moses, and she has booked nearly every show that the band has played. Tours included. They work as a pack, you could say.

As far as the start of Foxx Bodies goes, its formation was what could be called an accident. The group started off as a way to blow off steam and create a live-action journal for the lead singer. Then in what seemed like out of nowhere, an up-and-coming rapper, Lando Chill, asked us to debut our songs at his record release and there was no way they were going to say no. As the word “no” continued to serve as a dirty word for the band, they moved on to perform on KEXP in Seattle as well as open for/play with bands such as The Coathangers, Tacocat, Nobunny, Shannon & The Clams, and Frankie Cosmos.

In 2018 Foxx Bodies was asked to tour with seasoned emo veterans Sorority Noise and pop-punk soon-to-be legends Remo Drive. The band doubled their followers on social media and did the same with their digital plays online while on the tour. With the extremely positive reception from their shows, the band will eagerly persist through the rest of the year with a fire under their asses. Fighting the good fight.