Pete Swan Presents: Matt Wigler Band – A Blues Journey

Pete Swan Presents: Matt Wigler Band – A Blues Journey

($10-$15 | 7pm & 8:30pm sets) Matt Wigler Band plays an entertaining repertoire of modern blues arrangements with the finesse of a world-class jazz piano trio. A journey through classic blues songs from New Orleans, to Texas, to Chicago and beyond, with a twist of contemporary arrangements, Matt Wigler Band is fun and down-to-earth, yet will also satisfy the sophisticated jazz connoisseur.

**Matt Wigler:**

Step into the vibrant world of Matt Wigler, a musical maestro and entertainment enthusiast hailing from Miami. Matt, the driving force behind the sensational Matt Wigler Band, takes the stage at jazz and blues hotspots across the globe, turning every performance into a rhythmic celebration. With roots tracing back to Baltimore, Maryland, Matt kicked off his musical journey at just 13, dropping his first studio album and setting the stage for a remarkable career.

Venturing beyond the spotlight, Matt is the brains behind MHW Live Music, a powerhouse in the entertainment industry. As the founder and CEO, he orchestrates a symphony of talent, making MHW Live Music the go-to for hotels seeking the finest in live entertainment. From his early musical escapades to the bustling success of MHW Live Music, Matt’s journey is a melody of passion, accolades, and a rhythmic fusion of business and music that crescendos into the fast-paced rhythm of success.


**Pete Swan – Drums**

**Evan Arredondo – Bass**