SleepHistoric Hotel Congress in Downtown Tucson

Take a Ride and explore downtown

We love the Sun Link modern streetcar because it lets us explore downtown Tucson with little effort. Just hop on these air-conditioned cars to escape the heat while saving money on the cost effective fare for a night on the town, exploring the local businesses, or enjoying the nightlife.

This four mile loop starts west at the Mercado San Augustin
Convento | Congress St. and ends all the way at the University of Arizona Medical Center Warren Ave | Helen St. making 19 stops along the way. This route connects Tucsonans with the cultural and historic hub of the city with amazingly unique museums, restaurants, retail shops, and performance venues. For more information about the Sun Link Modern Streetcar and the route please visit their website.

Make tracks across town

Date Night_with title_web

  1. Dinner and drinks at The Cup Café
    Streetcar to Congress | 6th Ave.
  2. Take in a show at The Rialto
    Walk across the street
  3. Tucson Museum of Art
    Streetcar from Congress | 6th Ave. to Congress | Church,
    walk two blocks North
  4. Top it off at the Tap Room
    Streetcar from Congress | Church to Congress | 6th Ave.
Saturday Adventure_with title_web
  1. Brunch at the Cup Café with Bloody Marys
    Streetcar to Congress | 6th Ave.
  2. Do some good and paint bells at Ben’s Bells
    Streetcar from Congress | 6th Ave. to Broadway Blvd. | Stone Ave.
  3. Go shopping at the stores on 4th Avenue
    Streetcar from Broadway Blvd. | Stone Ave. to 4th Ave. | 9th St.
  4. Finish with drinks at The Tap Room served by the world famous Tiger
    Streetcar from 4th Ave. | 9th St. to Congress | 6th Ave.

Bear Down_with title_web

  1. Pre-game snacks and beer at Maynards Market
    Streetcar to Congress | 6th Ave., walk one block North to Toole Ave.
  2. Bear down with the Wildcats at the University of Arizona
    Streetcar from Congress | 6th Ave. to University Blvd. | Tyndall Ave., walk four blocks with other game-day revelers
  3. Come to the Tap Room and celebrate the win (or drown your sorrows)
    Streetcar from University Blvd. | Tyndall Ave. to Congress | 6th Ave.