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Art in the Lobby: HOCO Poster Show

The hoco Poster Show!

Exhibition Duration: June 15th through September 4th

We are excited to host the annual HOCO Poster Show!

This year’s poster show is a scattershot of artwork produced from different eras, graphical styles, and musical inspirations.

Look for the hand water-colored folk art of Caitlin Von Schmidt, produced (and fervently collected) in the late 80’s and early 90’s, the rabid, colorful creativity of Bradley Zimmerman from the early 2000’s, the work of CREAM Design and Print founder Patricio Carnaykeesu, or the current, clean Adobe Illustrator style of Joshua Osteen.

That is to name just a few. Some of the artist’s attributions have been lost to the wisps of time, but are no less inspired.

From the performers that moved on from their teeth-cutting club stage to the big time to local legends like Calexico and Orkesta Mendoza, the HOCO Poster show offers vignettes of Congress history. And the future… that’s to be revealed with the question mark posters. We’ve commissioned local Arizona artists to create unique posters for this year’s HOCO Fest lineup — five days of genre-spanning musical acts. Check the Art in the Lobby wall each time you visit to see what the future holds at Congress.

And maybe, just maybe, there is a show here that you attended, that pulls you back to a time when you were different, for better or worse. And here you are, back at Congress, which is not different, for better or worse (but mostly better).

See one you like? Purchase it at the front desk for $10!