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Desert Varnish by Nika Kaiser

Exhibition Duration: April 1 – May 27

Artist Reception: 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, April 3

The Hotel Congress Lobby Gallery is pleased to host local artist, Nika Kaiser, and her photographic and video work. She is showcasing her exquisite photo series entitled Desert Varnish, which was inspired by the dark iridescent coating found on rocks in arid regions for which it was named after. Possessing properties of both a living biological being and a geologic composite, it is debated in the scientific community whether this illusive veneer can be considered earth or animal. In this series, landscape and mammal are captured as one; boundaries blurring as they become an amalgamation. The sublimely unique qualities of the Sonoran Desert serve as a catalyst for manifestations to occur, suggesting that this locale itself is the creator of such happenings. Kaiser’s artwork will be on display in the lobby of the Hotel Congress and available for purchase starting Wednesday, April 1. Meet the artist and view her Desert Varnish series, featuring video installations of her digital artwork, from 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, April 3.


Nika Kaiser is a photographer, video, and installation artist. Originating from Tucson’s desert, this native landscape informs her work as she combines ideas of psychological transformation, esoteric occultism, regional histories, and folklore. Nika Kaiser’s work could perhaps find acceptance beneath the equivocal umbrella term of surrealism, the kind of creative endeavor whose intrinsic meaning remains clouded in the depths of a dream, but to impose such a label would be to deny the work’s conscious and palpable complexity. In many of her pieces mythology functions as a framework for both aesthetics and narrative.  Behind each of Kaiser’s fantastical characters, a dormant story awaits to be awoken and revealed. Check out Nika Kaiser’s website at  For more information about the artist reception please visit