Haunted Rooms

Haunted Rooms

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The Hotel Congress has lived many lives and seen many people come and go. A place with so much history must inevitably have some guests who chose to stay longer than expected – perhaps even forever.

Maybe it’s something about the East End of town, where outlaws and gangsters seemed to be destined to meet their end. Or maybe it’s the attraction of the hotel itself, the persistent and iconic landmark that has been the cultural heart of the city for over 100 years. Whatever the reason, some souls have apparently found Congress a hard place to leave behind. Though there have been reports from all over the hotel, these four rooms have proven to be the most consistently charmed. The rooms are popular, but if you have the opportunity to visit one, we hope you enjoy the company. Here are their stories.

Sleeps 2 | 1 Double

For those who like their stories a little darker, Room 242 is for you. The story goes that a young woman was on an extended stay at the hotel. She was going through a rough time in her life and was very troubled. She began talking about wanting to make the voices stop. Staff and other guests became increasingly concerned and eventually called the authorities to try to intervene. But it was too late. Sadly, the woman took her own life, but her spirit is rumored to have never left Room 242. Guests have reported a tangible heaviness while in the room. Some say that a woman in a long white dress was sitting on the edge of the bed watching them sleep. Still others report feeling someone laying in bed right beside them. Perhaps she is just lonely and glad for the company. Or perhaps she feels the need to impart and share the darkness that clouded her life with whomever comes near. We may never know the real story, but we would be curious to hear yours.

Sleeps 4 | 2 Doubles

A World War II veteran arrived at the Hotel Congress in 1965 and never left. He was a very disciplined man who followed the same routine every day. He would wake up, go downstairs to get a cup of coffee with a small plate, a butter knife, and a bagel. He’d then return upstairs to eat. When finished, he would always leave the dirty cup and plate outside his room for the cleaning service, but never returned the butter knife. The self-styled handyman would often not only use these knives with his breakfast, but also use them to fix various things around the hotel. He was a collector and a bit of a trickster it seems. After his passing in 2001, housekeepers and guests started finding restaurant butter knives outside the room and in random places throughout the property. He also apparently enjoys locking and unlocking the door as well as moving guest’s items around. Maybe you can make friends with our friendly ghost.

Sleeps 2 | 1 King

This room seems to be the favorite of a stately man from a time gone by. Dressed in his seersucker suit, he is believed to wander the halls of the hotel, perhaps on an after-dinner stroll. Sometimes he is even seen in a dapper top hat. Many guests have claimed to see him standing in the window and watching the people mingle in the plaza below, only to find out the room was empty for that night. He seems friendly enough. We’d love to hear about your experience.

Sleeps 2 | 1 Double

A night in room 212 will likely start out like any other normal night in. But as the evening wears on, you may experience some supernatural mischief. Guests have consistently reported locking the door and turning in for the night only to find the door open again. This lock picking can go on and on, until one guest said they simply decided to leave the door open instead of continuing the game. Of course that only works until the door starts to mysteriously close as well. Even our staff have been surprised and claim they have seen and heard this phenomenon. It appears as though someone is well on their way to becoming a master locksmith, and having a little fun in the process.

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