A Landmark Hotel with Urban Charm

The Historic Hotel Congress is an eclectic urban resort destination providing an immersive entertainment experience through art, music, and food forever connected to the vibrant history of Tucson, Arizona.

Built in 1919, every facet of the hotel has a story to tell. Its unique Southwest deco-inspired theme feels as vibrant and inspiring today as it did throughout its illustrious history making it one of Arizona’s top destinations.

The hotel is beautiful, fun, and a little quirky – but in a good way. We believe life should be interesting. All the rooms in the hotel have been faithfully decorated with this in mind. The furniture and books have been hand-selected by our owner and the artwork is unique to each room. Novelty prints and color abound. The rooms feature treat trays showcasing unique local goodies, retro radios, and no television – but we do have wifi. Oh, and we should also mention that with all the music going on the place can sometimes get loud. We just want you to be prepared for what awaits. And just in case, every room comes furnished with a white noise device in case you want to turn in early.
So relax and enjoy the Hotel Congress experience!

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Hotel Congress Rooms-14
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