The Historic Hotel Congress is an eclectic urban resort destination providing an immersive entertainment experience through art, music, and food forever connected to the vibrant history of Tucson, Arizona.

Besides being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the property functions as a creative resort complex offering something for everyone with vintage-inspired flair. You’ll find all you need for a unforgettable stay as you mix and mingle through the amazing hotel, the Tap Room bar, two outstanding dining options in the Cup Cafe and Maynards, as well as world class entertainment at The Century Room jazz club, Club Congress, and the Plaza Stage.

The hotel is beautiful, fun, and a little quirky – but in a good way. The rooms feature curated furniture and decor, retro radios, and no television. But we do have wifi (wink, wink). Oh, and we should also mention that with all the music going on the place can get loud. We just want you to be prepared for what awaits.

Built in 1919, Hotel Congress is a cultural landmark that anchors downtown Tucson. Tastefully renovated with an eye for detail, every facet of the hotel has a story to tell. Its unique Southwest deco-inspired theme feels as vibrant and inspiring today as it did throughout its illustrious history making it one of Arizona’s top destinations.


Summer Shindigs Pre-Packaged Fun!

Wait, what?? Yep, you read it right. We wanted to provide some special experiences over the summer so we’re doing a series of Shindigs. Starting at $159 you get a one night stay at the hotel, plus two tickets to one of our summer parties, plus a coupon for two free breakfasts to-go from Maynards. Series starts on June 9 with the Country Cookout. Call (520) 622-8848 to make your reservation!

Hotel Congress Haunted Tales

Haunted Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson
You can get the chills by just stepping into room 242. This room has a troubled past, and guests have reported ghostly experiences while staying in it. Many have reported that they are awakened by a woman in a long white dress sitting at the foot of the bed. 
Guests have reported seeing a man in a seersucker suit in the window of this room from the plaza, but every time we've checked, the room has been vacant. He is also rumored to roam the hallways.
Vince worked and lived at the Hotel Congress for 36 years before his passing in 2001. He was a very disciplined man who did the same routine every day. He would wake up, go downstairs, and get a cup of coffee with a small plate, a butter knife, and a bagel. He'd then come back upstairs and leave the dirty cup and plate outside his room. Upon his passing housekeepers and guests started finding restaurant butter knives outside the room and in random places on the property.