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Art in the Lobby: Diane Von Bombshelter


New velvet paintings by Diane Bombshelter will be on display at The Hotel Congress until May 24.

She has created pieces inspired by Agave Heritage Week at The Hotel Congress, taking place May 3 through 8.

About Diane

I started teaching myself velvet painting in 2007 and I made a pilgrimage to The Velveteria  in 2008 which was a life-changing experience. Hundreds of velvet paintings covered their walls in all different styles. My mind felt like it expanded like the big bang! I discovered other masters such as Cece Rodriguez, Daniel Guerrero and Louis Behan.  7 years later, I have several pieces in The Velveteria in downtown Los Angeles.

I now work out of Southbound Studios  where my creativity is constantly being recharged by the other artists in residence and my passion for velvet continues. My work has been shown in Tucson, Bisbee and Mexico. I’m inspired mostly by contrasts in light and dark and texture, or just about anything that makes me think, “that will look great on velvet!”

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