Art in the Lobby: Clif Taylor



Idol Worship by Clif Taylor

My pantheon of idols is being thinned out! This year alone has left the temple in ruin. Using plywood, canvas and human hair with a variety of paints, textures, and coatings, Taylor assembles multi colored stripes loosely connected to the fallen Godz of Rock that litter his Pantheon.

About the Artist

Clifton Taylor grew up on a ranch in the Tucson Mountains. It was there where he learned the fundamentals of design, art and building from his father designer/ builder Zach Taylor. Taylor has designed renovated and created interiors, art, furniture, jewelry, film and music for over 30 years. He attended the University of Arizona architecture program. Nearing the end of his studies he left to play guitar with legendary punk rock pioneer Ron Reyes (Back Flag/Redd Kross) and worked with rock and roll legend Johnny Thunders. While in LA, he became a film editor and pursued art and filmmaking. He worked on such features as Mermaids and Black Rain.

Taylor is the director of the documentary FUZZ The Sound That Revolutionized The World. Taylor has worked with artist Scott Benzel, Mike Kelly and was part in a group show with Olivier Mosset and Jeff Bursey in 2009. Clif has lended design and  historical restoration expertise on the  iconic residences  and commercial spaces designed by: Josias Joesler, Arthur Brown, Frank Folsom- Smith,  Rudolph Schindler’s El Pueblo Ribera Court as well as Tucson landmark The Hotel Congress.    Most recently, Clifton Taylor designed  The boutique hotel The Downtown Clifton. Taylor lives in Tucson with his wife Paula and dog Sadie “Stardust” Taylor.


Installing the show