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Art in the Lobby: Isadora Hale

Join us Saturday, August 5th from 6-8pm in welcoming Isadora Hale and her artwork in the Hotel Congress Lobby!

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Isadora Hale credits her exposure to the diverse musical, cultural and artistic influences of the area for her bold artistic style, often including touches of tattoo and/or rockabilly aesthetics. 

In her art, Isadora explores the concept that there are no absolutes in life. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly… these are words we hear every day, but she doesn’t believe any of those absolutes actually exist on their own. Her art encourages people to find real beauty in the co-mingling of opposing forces and seemingly divergent entities. These juxtapositions fascinate her, and through her art she hopes to encourage people to look deeper at their environments, and both discover and appreciate the wonderful complexities all around them. At a time when society seems increasingly polarized, this suggestion that we have more similarities than differences is both positive and encouraging. 

Now living and working in Tucson, Arizona, Isadora’s art has been displayed throughout Arizona and, more recently, at the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art’s highly publicized “Art As Protest” show. She has been featured in Professional Artist Magazine and was selected by Strada Company as Tucson’s “Artist of the Week” in June. 

In addition to the artwork Isadora displays at galleries and shows, she also does a variety of custom work by commission, from portraits of people and pets to custom pieces developed with the customer to suit their decor needs. Visit for more information, or find her as artbyisadora on social media.