Reader’s Digest: Most Haunted Hotels in America

October is here, and what better way to celebrate than a stay one one of America’s most haunted hotels?! That’s right, Reader’s Digest has named Hotel Congress in this fascinatingly creepy list. Check out the full article here, and if you’re feeling extra brave, book your room today!

From Reader’s Digest:


Hotel Congress, Tucson, Arizona

Originally opened in 1919, the third floor burnt down in 1934, and since the Hotel Congress reopened in its more current form in 1985, rumors of ghosts abound. These include room 242 where a woman committed suicide; many guests refuse to stay in the room overnight due to the uncomfortable feelings that inevitably come up. The hotel capitalizes on its creepy history by hosting a month’s worth of illusions and séances for Halloween in October on what’s left of the third floor. It’s a fun (and creepy) time.