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Art in the Lobby: Chris Harvey

Join us Saturday, February 10th from 6-8pm to welcome Chris Harvey and his artwork in the Hotel Congress Lobby! Get to know the artist while enjoying complimentary chips and salsa courtesy of the Cup Cafe. 

From the artist:

Making art gives purpose to living.  It is the fingerprint of humanity.  It is a statement or expression that can describe aspects of our existence.  “I was here!” “This is what I saw!”  “This is what I experienced”.  “This is what I want to communicate”.

When my intellect, focus, and expression combine with a subject matter, something that I can only describe as magical  occurs.  The lines, marks, shapes, and colors that I use create an essence of what I see and feel.  It captures a moment in time.  My paintings and drawings are the statements that I make to convey my existence in this world.