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Iron John's Beer Dinner



Thank you for joining us for the Iron John’s beer dinner with Cup cafe!

What will we do in September 2017?! Check back next year.


The Hotel Congress and Iron John’s Brewing Company come together this September to bring you a dinner to remember. Executive Chef Anthony Coluci has prepared four amazing courses which mirror and pair perfectly with the unique and remarkable brews of Iron Johns Brewing Company.

Join us for this one of a kind dining event in the fabulous Copper Hall inside the hotel. Dinner will take place on Sunday, September 25 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $60 plus tax and gratuity.

The Menu

Curried Scallop Carpaccio
Japanese Mustard Spinach | Yuzu-Gose and Poppy Seed Vinaigrette | Crispy Pork Chip
Paired with Travail Belgian Sour Ale

Pig and Stone Fruit
Pork Brisket | Pork Sausage | Apricot Three Ways | Dill Creamed Spätzle | Dill Fronds
Paired with Julio Rye IPA

Black Tea Brined Duck
Yam and Parsnip Gratin | Parsnip Puree | Broccoli Leaves | Plum and Amaranth Aigre Doux | Blistered Plum
Paired with Fruit T Goat Gose

Black IPA Tiramisu
Beer Soaked Lady Fingers | Brown Butter Goat Cheese and Mascarpone | Edible Dirt | Blueberry Soup| Fried Mint
Paired with Nardo Black IPA


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