1919 Hotel built, Tap Room opened.

1920–1933 Prohibition.

1934 January 22, fire burnt 3rd floor. John Dillinger captured.

1930s & ‘40s Pete Martinez drank in the Tap Room and donated original artworks.

1959 Tiger (Thomas Ziegler) began working in the Tap Room (he still works there today!)

1985 Richard and Shana Oseran purchased the Hotel Congress Club Congress opened its doors.

1989 Muralist Larry Boyce painted lobby.

1990 Cup Café opened.

1991 Jenny Holzer Truisims are placed at Cup Cafe

2000 The Copper Hall started offering banquet facilities.

2005 Talk of the Town bar purchased, Club remodeled.

2006 Daniel Martin Diaz created the new stage façade.

2007 Constructed 4th Avenue underpass.

2009 Congress Plaza Expanded. Won Tucson/Pima Historical Commission certificate

2010 Hotel Congress gets cool, replacing 1930s evaporative cooler with AC

2011 Private guest patio at Hotel Congress painted into an urban oasis by muralist Joe Pagac.