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Art in the Lobby: Carlos Encinas

Join us Saturday, December 2nd from 6-8pm in welcoming Carlos Encinas and his artwork in the Hotel Congress Lobby!

Artist Bio

Carlos Encinas is best known for his public art, a picture book, murals, digital art prints and paintings displayed in Tucson, Phoenix and various other locations in the USA. He has worked in a variety of mediums throughout his many years of making art: drawing, painting, illustration, wood, ceramic, steel sculpture, computer art, furniture constructions. He has degrees from the University of Arizona in education and art. He worked as an educator for 30 years. He has worked with multiple artistic themes such as Chicano art, pop art, southwestern art, political art, children’s illustration and abstract art. His primary influences have been pop artists, Mexican muralists, German Weimar era artists, WPA artists, pop culture and current events.

Artist Statement

My current artwork is inspired by pop culture of movies, television, politics, historical figures and events. I am interested in creating dialogue about what in pop culture is familiar to other people and how this familiarity affected people’s lives and relates to current times, events. My paintings are produced by images found on the internet that have been manipulated, processed and recomposed into new compositions on my computer using Photoshop. These compositions are then projected from my computer onto the painting surface, drawn out in pencil and then hand painted. I think of these as similar to mash up or hip hop music with internet images as visual (instead of musical) samples deconstructed then reconstructed into new art forms. I consider these hand painted computer prints.

Carlos Encinas Art