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Cooking in Belem

Chef Brian is at it again! He is currently in Belem, Brazil, a UNESCO City of Gastronomy which is hosting the Unesco Creative Cities Meeting from November 7-11. Regional flavors are the center of programming, which invites chefs from different regions of the world to get to know the gastronomic and cultural traditions of Belem.

Chef Brian is participating in the “Live Chefs Challenge – Cooking Show.” International chefs from UNESCO Cities of Gastronomy will pair with chefs from different regions of Brazil. The visiting chefs bring an ingredient from home for the Brazilian chefs to use in creating a dish, and the Brazilian chefs give the visiting chefs a Brazilian ingredient.

Brazilian Chef Saulo Jenning chose piracuí for Chef Brian. In the Amazon region, piracuí is called “farinha de peixe”  (fish flour) and is made from crushed or shredded dry salted fish. Stay tuned to see what Chef Brian creates with this product!

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