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Epic World Tour at Hotel Congress

Hotel Congress hosts the Epic Tour during their stay in Tucson!

Check out these video blogs from their flight to Tucson and stay at Hotel Congress!

The EPIC Tour is a round-the-world helicopter tour during which three adventurers carrying a luggage jam-packed with almost 30 years of business success stories will host a series of free conferences about entrepreneurship and healthy lifestyle.

The EPIC Tour takes off from Whistler, Canada, on May 1st and lands 84 days later, precisely where it started. It will be stepping foot in more than 40 countries, flying over five different continents, over 48 thousand kilometres and clocking 340 flight hours. The open-for-all conferences, aimed at future business men and women, will take place in every stop, under the name Entrepreneurship & Healthy Lifestyle – two sides of the same coin.

“EPIC stands for Empowering People & Inspiring Change and that’s what we will be doing all over the planet. I’ll be sharing my healthy approach to the business world and to life itself. I believe in very specific and simple lifestyle principles, one of them being the importance of a good night sleep. So this being a very physically demanding endeavour, we really need a comfortable place where to rest our bodies and minds” – words belonging to Ruben Dias, a Portuguese self-made serial entrepreneur with 47 years of age and almost 30 of successful entrepreneurship.

Ruben will be the lead speaker at every conference, accompanied by Mischa Gelb (young entrepreneur and helicopter know-it-all) and Diogo Dias (the social media whiz). The three have chosen our hotel as resting point during their stay in Tucson.

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MISCHA GELB: Helicopter Know-It-All

  • Bought his first helicopter shortly after completing 18 years of age
  • Seized the opportunity to take over BC Helicopters – a helicopter flying academy – when he was 23.
  • Has been the company’s manager and chief pilot ever since
  • His Pilot Yellow YouTube channel is fast approaching the 14K subs milestone and has largely surpassed 1M total views

RUBEN DIAS: Self-Made Serial Entrepreneur

  • Was only 21 when managed to obtain an exclusive partnership with a global security software company.
  • Ten years later agreed an exit deal that multiplied by dozens his entire investment
  • The bootstrapping-to-exit-deal process has successfully repeated itself several other times: BeAnywhere (a remote support software) and Creative Systems (a RFID based software) are just a few examples of low investments turned into multi million revenues.
  • Is a firm believer that we all have much more to profit in a world full of healthy, accomplished, happy people. With that in mind, recently founded FastTrack, a venture capital empowering first-time entrepreneurs, and Eight, a Health Lounge dedicated to promoting life in its wholeness