Alto Summit! featuring Eric Nakanishi, Max Goldschmid & Morgan Faw

7PM & 9PM

Alto Summit! featuring Eric Nakanishi, Max Goldschmid & Morgan Faw

($20-$30 tickets | 7pm & 9pm sets) Three of the top alto saxophone players meet on the Century Room stage for an incredible night of music! Local saxophone superstars Eric Nakanishi and Max Goldschmid are joined by OKC saxophonist Morgan Faw and a swingin’ rhythm section.

**Eric Nakanishi**

Eric Nakanishi is an artist, saxophonist, and composer who was raised in Pleasant Hill, California. He began playing saxophone at age 9 in his local elementary school music program and soon began studying privately under the instruction of saxophonist and educator Marcus Goodlow. During his early years, Eric was lucky enough to study with some of the Bay Area’s finest musicians and educators including Mary Fettig, Dann Zinn, and Alex Murzyn. His musical path and experiences eventually led Eric to his undergraduate studies at Berklee College of Music.

During his time in Boston, Eric had the opportunity to be mentored and instructed by a number of accomplished and renowned artists, such as Frank Tiberi, George Garzone, Terence Blanchard and Shamie Royston to name a few. Eric was particularly blessed and honored to have been mentored by the late Ralph Peterson Jr., whose goal was to immerse his students in the music of Art Blakey and pass on the legacy of the Jazz Messengers.


**Morgan Faw, Max Goldschmid & Eric Nakanishi – Saxophones**

**Christian Napoleon – Drums**

**Miles Lennox – Piano**

**Isaac Coyle – Bass**