Andrew Walesch 10tet: Frank Sinatra – My Way

7PM & 9PM

Andrew Walesch 10tet: Frank Sinatra – My Way

($25-$35 tickets | 7pm & 9pm shows) Like a good many before him, singer and pianist Andrew Walesch somehow manages to encapsulate the sophistication of a cosmopolite and the self-effacing charm of a country boy. Whether composing and arranging or appearing in settings ranging from solo artist to big band, this St. Cloud, Minnesota native, who criss-crosses the country playing dates big and small, is as respectful of his predecessors as he is ready to take a leap into the unknown and chart a new course.

With his 10-piece band, Walesch is a traditionalist and an iconoclast rolled into one. His audiences include jazz enthusiasts of a certain age, as well as a younger crowd compelled by his down-home insouciance, and the knowing irreverence of a tried-and-true American nightclub entertainer. “Although they are my idols, I don’t attempt to imitate the great pop and jazz artists of the 50’s and 60’s,” says the singer and pianist, “but I go for broke when we do our shows – vocally and musically – which is what they all did best and why they were in a class of their own.”

Andrew is currently the Artistic Director of the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, AZ.

***Andrew Walesch (vocals & piano) Jibrael Alsooz (trumpet) James Williams (trumpet) Eric Nakanishi (alto) Brice Winston (tenor) Joseph Rader (bari sax/flute) Max Goldschmid (trombone) Ed Delucia (guitar) Scott Black (bass) Arthur Vint (drums)***