Old 97’s


Old 97’s

Thursday April 4th

w/ special guests Holler Choir


ADV $25 | DOS $30

**The Old 97’s** is an American alternative country-rock band that formed in Dallas, Texas, in 1993. Led by Rhett Miller (vocals, guitar), the band also includes Murry Hammond (bass), Ken Bethea (guitar), and Philip Peeples (drums). Known for their energetic live performances and clever songwriting, the Old 97’s have become a staple in the Americana music scene.

Their debut album, “Hitchhike to Rhome,” was released in 1994 and gained a devoted following with its catchy hooks and relatable storytelling. The band achieved widespread acclaim with their second album, “Wreck Your Life” (1996), featuring anthems like “Victoria,” “Barrier Reef,” and “Timebomb,” which solidified their position as leaders of the alt-country movement.

Throughout their career, the Old 97’s have continued to evolve their sound, combining elements of country, rock, and pop. Notable albums include “Too Far to Care” (1997), “Fight Songs” (1999), and “Most Messed Up” (2014), showcasing their ability to capture the essence of love, longing, and life’s ups and downs.


Led by the lyrical craftsmanship of singer, guitarist, and songwriter Clint Roberts, the distinctly Appalachian, old-time sound of Asheville’s Holler Choir combines haunting harmonies, stirring string compositions, and heart-wrenching ballads, yet hardly conforms to a stereotypical genre. Call it a confluence of old-time, Americana, and bluegrass, but, by its own exceptional design, the sound and atmosphere of Holler Choir are singular. Robert’s wordcraft and explosive vocal range is met with the dulcet clawhammer banjo plucking of long-time collaborator Helena Rose and the sturdy timekeeping of upright bassist Norbert McGettigan. With a rotating cast of gifted musicians featured on Holler Choir’s recordings and electrifying live performances, it’s no wonder they are the band to watch in 2024.