Rachel Eckroth’s HUMANOID

7PM & 9PM

Rachel Eckroth’s HUMANOID

($25-$35 | 7pm & 9pm Shows ) Welcome back Rachel Eckroth and her group as they perform her adventurous new project ***Humanoid***!


Another captivating chapter in Eckroth’s ever-evolving sound, this album, *Humanoid*, comes on the heels of her Grammy-nominated, synth-forward *The Garden* (Rainy Day Records, 2021) and stunning solo piano improvisation album *One*, released earlier this year. It is a showcase not only of her skill and singularity as a player and improvisor, but her strengths as a bandleader and composer.

***“Humanoid is more simply focused on the songs and what we could pull from them, rather than what we could add to them.”*** (Rachel Eckroth)

***”Reflecting her curiosity and boldness, it also embodies her artistry, and a gift for capturing and expressing the range of human emotion in all its intensity – from deep melancholy to utmost joy – and creating vastly different dynamics and soundscapes, from frenetic to serene, humorous to lyrical, laid back to extremely urgent. All while palpably enjoying this time and space with musicians who share her passion and sense of freedom.”*** — Sharonne Cohen, July 2023


Rachel Eckroth – Piano

Andrew Renfroe – Guitar

Billy Mohler – Bass

Tina Raymond – Drums