Trish Toledo

Trish Toledo

Friday January 26th with support from Los Shadows & Alec André

Doors at 7pm

ADV $20 | DOS $25

All Welcome

—TRISH TOLEDO—Meet Trish Toledo, an independent artist with a timeless sound that echoes the charm of the early Sixties. Hailing from Carson, California, Trish’s musical journey began in a home filled with the influence of her Ecuadorian-Guatemalan family and her father, a musician. Growing up surrounded by the diverse musical tastes of her older siblings and the melodies of her father, Trish discovered a deep connection to the classic pop and soul ballads of yesteryears.

Despite starting with cumbias and ballads, it was the enduring appeal of pop and soul that truly resonated with Trish. Her father’s “musician’s life” left a mark on her childhood, and when she became a teenage parent, she temporarily set aside her musical aspirations to focus on motherhood.

In May 2017, encouraged by her 15-year-old son, Trish decided to revive her musical journey. Delving into a classic catalog of songs, she carefully selects pieces that mirror her own life experiences, expressing, “What I have gone through, or am going through.”

Now based in Long Beach, CA, Trish, along with her band, is writing and recording her original music. She’s gearing up to release a full-length album, eagerly anticipating sharing it with her loving and devoted fans. Trish Toledo effortlessly bridges the gap between the music of a bygone era and today’s audiences, reviving the classics for a new generation to savor. As Trish aptly puts it, “People are so happy that I’m reviving this music, bringing it back – so that a new generation gets to hear this.”