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Food Network: 50 States of Nachos

“There are no rules when it comes to nachos, and maybe that’s why there’s an overwhelming array of mouthwatering alternatives to choose from. Though singling out the best, state by state, would be impossible for a dish with seemingly infinite arrangements, here are 50 nachos that capture the wildly different personalities of all 50 states.”

Chorizo Nachos at the Cup Cafe: Arizona

Stellar nachos abound in Tucson, but those craving an atmospheric dose of history with their meal should head downtown to the Hotel Congress. Dating from 1919, the property is home to the Cup Cafe, where the comforting bar menu illuminates Picacho Nachos. Layered with Jack cheese, bean dip, chili con queso, pepper, onion, tomato and salsa, these nachos can — and should — be ordered with the optional local-chorizo splurge.

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