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If These Walls Could Talk…

While working on a restoration project in Hotel Congress room 239, one of the contractors found a letter hidden inside of the wall.

After dusting it off, it was clear that this letter was from another time. The envelope is post marked 1934, and inside is a letter that seems to be in great condition. We are working with a paper art restoration specialist to find out who wrote it, to whom, and what it says.

Demion Clinco, CEO of Tucson Historic Preservation Foundation, said it right: “The discovery of a 90 year old letter in the walls of Hotel Congress is a remarkable physical connection to the past that provides a glimpse into the everyday life of one of Tucson’s great historic landmarks. It goes to show that historic places like the Hotel Congress still have secrets to reveal.”

We’re particularly excited about this discovery happening on our centennial anniversary year! Check out all of Hotel Congress’ history here, and be sure to pay attention to the year 1934 if you don’t already know the story!

We want to hear from the Tucson community what you think is inside the letter! Share your thoughts using the form below, and we will choose a winner for a $100 gift card to Hotel Congress!