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Inside Tucson Business: Local restaurants are moving towards a more sustainable future

On the other side of town, Rita Boutwell, director of training and development at Hotel Congress, said that “sustainability wasn’t an idea that was born.” It was something the owners have always been passionate about. 
“Recyclable and compostable” are two areas owners at Hotel Congress work on to ensure they keep their business greener and eco-friendly. 
“Our trash has gone down considerably, and our recycling has gone up considerably,” Boutwell said. 
The hotel is an environmental hub. They source local herbs and produce, eliminated straws, use compostable takeout containers, installed energy efficient light bulbs, heat water through solar panels, compost their waste and recycling cups and plenty more. Boutwell said the ultimate goal is to “make sure this planet is around for future generations.” 

— Inside Tucson Business

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