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Suitcase Magazine: Cowboy Culture in Arizona’s West World

Suitcase Magazine visited Arizona to explore its cowboy culture. Along the way, they stopped at local spots including Welcome Diner Tucson, Exo Roast Co., Tucson Bike Tours, and right here at Hotel Congress, where they chatted with Tiger about how the changes he’s seen in Tucson.

Suitcase Magazine: Cowboy Culture in Arizona’s West World

Rocco Wachman is demonstrating the multitude of ways I could die today. “Statistically, this is the most extreme sport you can do,” he explains. “He can butt you in the face, bite you, drag you along at 50 miles per hour or kick you in the head.” The lethal weapon he’s referring to? A docile-looking chestnut mare called Misty. “There are a plethora of dangers when horseback riding,” he goes on. “And then there are the rattlesnakes…”      Read the full article →