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At Hotel Congress, we have been implementing green initiatives and forging new partnerships to further our sustainability efforts. Our partners include UA Compost CatsMrs. Green’s World, EcoblueClean the World, Refresh Glass, One Less Straw, and the many individuals who have been and continue to be a part of making Hotel Congress and the Tucson community a leader in green efforts. Hotel Congress is also a member of the Tucson Emerging 2030 District, a membership organization consisting of real estate owners, managers, developers, industry professionals and community stakeholders who work towards substantially reducing the environmental impact of building construction & operations while contributing to Tucson’s re-surging economy.


Sustainable Practices


Meet the employees dedicated to our sustainable efforts!

Sophia Lee-Orwig • Kiersten Taylor
Celeste Boudreau • Anjelia Leon
Jackie Murphy • Anita Chavarin
Josh Osteen • Rita Boutwell




Hotel Congress making the switch to glass straws

Americans use 500 million drinking straws every single day. Many Tucson businesses are joining the cause to do away with the plastic perils, as you’ve surely heard. One local hotspot is going a step further- Hotel Congress is now serving reusable glass straws.

AZ Central: What’s the deal with banning plastic straws, and is it happening in Arizona?

CLOSE The phase-out of plastic straws is gaining momentum as more companies, including in Arizona, sign on. Starbucks plans to eliminate plastic straws by 2020 and McDonald’s announced its locations in Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom will begin using paper ones. The burger giant will test alternatives to plastic straws at select U.S.

Arizona Daily Star: Tucson restaurants part of national anti-straw effort to cut plastic consumption

A plastic straw is typically used for only about 20 minutes; then it lives for some 200 years, leaching chemicals into a landfill and polluting waterways and oceans. The plastic straw is at the heart of the growing environmental campaign to reduce plastic consumption in hopes of saving our oceans from the insidious chemical and physical effects of single-use plastics on marine and human life.

So long to straws

Local restaurants are moving towards a more sustainable future

As important as it is to serve healthy and appetizing food, local restaurants in Tucson are also working towards a greener, more sustainable future. “It was hard to find a place where you can get delicious food and not be filled with so much stuff I would never put in my body as I’m growing a baby,” said Renee Kreager, owner of Renee’s Organic Oven.

Check out this podcast from Mrs. Greensworld, “Making the Case for Businesses Recycling: A Model Partnership,” featuring Hotel Congress and Maynards Market & Kitchen General Manager Todd Hanley discussing our sustainable practices!


Good for the Planet: 8 Sustainable Tucson Restaurants

Can one restaurant really make a difference for the planet? With compostable cups in hand and locally sourced food on plates, seven sustainable Tucson restaurants prove that the answer is a whole-hearted yes. These restaurants have made sustainability a focal point in their food, and in doing so, have proven their dedication to the Tucson community and to the planet.

Tucson leads in green building with Emerging 2030 District (USGBC Arizona) | U.S. Green Building Council

Tucson leads in green building with Emerging 2030 District (USGBC Arizona) on


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