1. Maynards Market Reuben Sandwich

    Tucson Foodie: 11 Spots that Serve a Hearty Reuben Sandwich

    Check out Maynards Market’s delicious Reuben Sandwich on Tucson Foodie’s 11 Spots that Serve a Hearty Reuben Sandwich!

    Maynards Market

    400 Toole Ave.

    A clean, woodsy aroma from the juniper and black pepper-smoked pastrami sets the Maynard’s Pastrami Reuben apart.

    Dijonnaise, Thousand Island dressing, and sauerkraut are layered on the pastrami, coating the marbled rye. The cheese, a final addition, is gruyère — a type of creamy Swiss that melts faster than American Swiss because of a higher milk fat percentage. Gooey and delicious.