Red McAdam & the Lemme-At-Ems

Red McAdam & the Lemme-At-Ems

Wednesday June 26th

w/ Miss Priscilla Priddy & Dedd Horsemen

Doors 7pm | Show 7:30pm


– Red McAdam: Make-yr-daddy-drink-makr-yr-mam-cry country
– Miss Priscialla Priddy: Haunted Honky Tonk workings of local celebrity, Lee, of New Misphoria
– Dedd Horsemen: The horned lizard king. Is NOT a Leprechaun!

Red McAdam and the Lemme-At-Ems present a delirious vision of Country Music, broad scattered, and joyful. With a foundation in Honky Tonk, Red Dirt, and Western Swing, these four bend genre and incorporate a wide and wild array of influences into their idiosyncratic sound. Hailing from all over the country, the four have recorded three albums in as many years and toured extensively across the U.S., playing in 31 states over the past year alone.

“Red McAdam seamlessly blends a hard-earned darkness and twisted humor of a man twice his age in songs that seem to belong to every era of Country music. His roots in Northeastern family folk, coupled with his driving love affair with Western Country music present a fresh sound that simultaneously feels familiar and bizarre.”

—Donald Cutler, Honky Tonk Times