The Buttertones

The Buttertones

Thursday October 3rd


Doors 7pm | Show 7:30pm

$25 + fees

—THE BUTTERTONES—The Buttertones are a Los Angeles-based cult rock band. The group has built a loyal fan base via their atmospheric live shows and cinematic catalog. From 2017’s Gravedigging, 2018’s Midnight In A Moonless Dream, and 2020’s Jazzhound, the band has left lasting impressions at Coachella, Tropicalia, When We Were Young, and beyond.

The group consists of members Richard Araiza (vocals/guitar), Modesto Cobian (lead guitar), Mimi Nissan (keys/guitar/bg vocals), Karly Low (bass/bg vocals), Carlos Sanchez (tenor sax), and Brandon Galindo (drums/bg vocals)